1. How do I estimate the current value of my watch?

    Aerowatch has been manufacturing watches for more than 100 years.

    Watches that were manufactured more than 15 years ago are no longer listed in our current database.

    It is impossible to give information on models without examining them.

    If you wish, we can carry out a precise expertise of your timepiece (production date, reference, material, etc...) for the sum of CHF150 + shipping costs. In this case, please send us your watch.

    We will provide you with a certificate of origin. At the same time, we can, if possible, send you a quote for the repair of your watch.

    The current value of your watch depends completely on the fluctuations of the vintage watch market. We recommend you to contact a company specialising in the sale of historical models on the current market.

    In case of theft and providing the information is available, Aerowatch will directly inform the police of the retail price at its date of purchase.

  2. How to take care of my Aerowatch timekeeper?

    Shocks: Whether thermal or other shocks, avoid them. In the event of violent shocks, please have your watch checked by an authorized service centre.
    Crown: push it in carefully to the middle case to avoid water infiltration into the mechanism.
    Temperatures: Do not expose your watch to sudden temperature changes (for example: exposure to the sun followed by immersion in cold water). Also avoid extreme temperatures above 50°C or below 0°C.

    Chemical products: avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes, cosmetics etc., which can damage the bracelet, plating, case or gaskets.

    Magnetic fields: Do not expose your watch to strong magnetic fields such as a loudspeaker, refrigerator, or electromagnetic device.

  3. What are the precision tolerances for an Aerowatch mechanical timekeeper?

    The accuracy of an Aerowatch timepiece depends on its movement and the habits of its user, so it is variable.
    The majority of mechanical and automatic watches have an average daytime running variation of 0 +15 seconds per day.

    For optimal accuracy, an automatic watch should be worn on the wrist for 10 hours a day. After a prolonged stop, it is imperative to wind the crown about thirty times so that the mechanism has enough energy.

  4. What is the difference between a self-winding movement and a hand-winding movement?

    Hand-wound mechanical watch: it is necessary to wind the watch regularly by turning the crown manually.

    Mechanical automatic watch: the watch winds up thanks to the movements of the owner's wrist.

  5. When do I have to set the day, date and moon?

    If your Aerowatch timepiece stops, turn the hands manually with the crown in the pulled out position. When they indicate 12:00, if the day and date change, it is midnight. Set the time to noon and adjust the day and date. The day/date mechanism is active between 9pm and 2am. Make sure you do not set the day or date during this period. Concerning the moon phase : it jumps simultaneously at the date and are therefore not independent of each other. To make the adjustment, you need a lunar calendar and locate either the date of the last full moon or the last new moon (black moon). Then, you will have to be patient and turn the crown to position 2 (intermediate) until the date corresponds: either to the last full moon or the last new moon. Then, you will just have to count the days until the current day and synchronize it.

  6. Is my Aerowatch watch waterproof?

    This water resistance marking on the case back indicates the depth to which the movement is protected from dust, moisture, and any damage that may occur if it is submerged in water. A watch is waterproof thanks to its gaskets. To ensure waterproofness, it is advisable to replace the gaskets every two years from the date of first use. It is also advisable to check the water resistance of your watch case every year if it has been exposed to seawater or pool water for long periods.

    If the watch has been used in seawater, rinse it recto - verso with fresh water, and then dry it properly.
    Aerowatch timepieces are not equipped with screwed crowns. Make sure that the crown is always correctly pushed against the case middle.

    Never adjust the crown or the pusher while submerged in water because it may leak into the case. It is best to remove your watch before taking a shower or bath and before entering a sauna or steam room because heat, soap and steam can prematurely age the water resistant gaskets.

    We do not recommend completely submerging your watch in water to avoid damaging the leather strap.

    If there is condensation under the crystal, it means that water has infiltrated the watch. It must be checked as soon as possible.
    It is important to remember that the water-resistance of a watch is tested at a specific time and is not guaranteed for life. Any intervention on the case or significant temperature variations (such as a cold shower after sun exposure) as well as the ageing of the materials can lead to moisture infiltration into even the most waterproof watch.


  7. Where can I have my Aerowatch watch repaired, adjusted or serviced?

    Please follow precisely the following procedure for returning your watch for repair:

    Here are the steps to follow:

    1. Please make sure your watch is well packed to avoid any damage.
    2. Fill up the customs declaration which will be ON the cardboard (outside).
    a. Don’t forget to write that the watch is returned to be repaired
    b. Mention the Swiss origin (Origin : CH)
    c. Write a value for customs of 100 CHF maximum
    3. Join 3 proforma invoices OUTSIDE of the cardboard.
    On them, specify: « No commercial value. Value for customs only. »
    You can also add 1 proforma invoice inside of the parcel.
    Please sign these proforma invoices. You can also find enclosed an example of a proforma invoice (fill the yellow zones with your details if you want to use it). “Proforma_return watch to be repaired
    4. Join the warranty of the watch inside of the cardboard if necessary.
    5. Send your package « registered » with any forwarding company of your choice. Please communicate us the tracking number.
    6. Please be informed that if you don’t follow this procedure we’ll charge you for the customs taxes we’ll have to pay at receipt of the parcel.

    Choose one of our Service centers




  8. What do the icons or pictograms on the detailed product pages represent?

    Consult the information on the pictograms corresponding to materials, movements and waterproofing on this document.

  9. What is a reference number?

    Each watch has its own reference number, for example the model Renaissance Skeleton Cobweb in steel (reference: A 50981 AA19). The reference number is indicated on the documents given to you at the time of purchase, such as the international warranty certificate.

    The first two digits correspond to the movement number (calibre). You can therefore download the manual instructions of your watch under the following link by choosing the right calibre.
    The next three digits of the reference correspond to the case reference and the letters correspond to the case material.
    The last two digits refer to the dial reference.
    To correctly identify your Aerowatch model, you need 9 characters.