Our history

Founded in 1910 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Aerowatch saw itself as a symbol of modernity. The choice of an English name was an early pointer to the firm’s international ambitions and contained a reference to aviation, a world about to “take off” in a big way. The family business barely survives the First World War. However, it tries to make itself known with an advertisement for the original text. An advertising illustration, boasts a slim line model of the time with the backdrop of the theft of a bi-plane in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Mrs Crevoisier

In 1942, Maxime Crevoisier took over the watch factory and settled in new premises in Neuchâtel. Therefore, the company became specialists in the making of pocket-watches and pendants. After 46 years at the head of the firm, Mr. Georges Crevoisier (Maxime’s son) took a well-deserved retirement and handed over AEROWATCH to Denis Bolzli in 2001. The transition is thus performed in continuity and tradition continues.

The Bolzli Family

In 2005, the company leads by Denis Bolzli and his children is presenting a first collection of wristwatches inspired by vintage pocket-watches. The iconic « 1942 » model was born. Today, we are proud to have more than 500 sales POS worldwide, including more than 120 in Switzerland. The company successfully continues its growth by offering quality watches at very competitive prices.

A family-owned


The concern to bring these fine mechanisms within everyone's reach at extremely competitive prices enables us to stand out from many competing brands.
For us, details are an integral part of the conception of modern horology, and an effective means of conveying a timeless and intensely individual style.